Energy Healing

Reiki/Energy Healing helps an individual relieve stress, physical pain and discomforts, and can enable them to regain their strength. It often helps one to recover faster from injuries and illnesses.  

Throughout its lengthy history, Reiki/Energy Healing has been used to help treat virtually every known illness and/or injury.  Additionally, many individuals have used Reiki to help overcome unwanted habits, achieve personal goals, and alleviate stress.  It is a great stress management tool!

During a typical healing session, clients are treated fully clothed, sitting up in a chair or lying down on a massage table, whichever is more comfortable. The practitioner will assess what modern medicine refers to as the body's "electro-magnetic energy field" or "bio-field” by asking questions and by using their hands to “scan” the client’s bio-field.

The Reiki/Energy practitioner will then gently rest their hands on (or slightly above) various parts of the body, which include the head, neck, abdomen, arms, legs, back and feet. They will also move their hands in certain patterns slightly above the client’s body to balance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Meet Our Staff

Diana Czekalski, MS in Education, is also a Reiki master, certified energy healer, certified group exercise instructor and retired physical education teacher.

Ursula Dams is a Reiki master, healing touch practitioner, healing touch for animals (HTA) practitioner, Young Living essential oil distributor as well as a certified group exercise instructor.

Gail Galivan is a certified medical Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructor, research consultant, and energy healer. She uses bio-energy techniques that affect all the systems of the body, including the acupuncture meridians and chakra centers, which have been shown to result in dramatic health benefits.

Energy Testing Session - Diana and Gail

Energy Testing is a technique that assesses where in the body energy is blocked, reversed, scrambled or toxic. The practitioner will then formulate and share an intervention plan to correct and detoxify these energies, which will help each participant regain and maintain optimal health.

30 Minute Session

  • $30 Member
  • $45 Non-member (includes guest pass)

Please call the Gottlieb Center for Fitness for more details or to schedule an appointment.

Essential Oils/Aromatherapy - Ursula

Essential oils provide a range of healing potential. They can create an aroma to generate a relaxing environment, reduce stress, energize, stimulate, and restore physical and emotional well-being. They can assist with many everyday common ailments such as headaches, burns and sinus problems as well as be effective with surgery recovery, trauma, injury and emotional issues. Properly applied, the properties of essential oils work safely and effectively with many issues. The appropriate oils can have powerful results on the body, mind and spirit.

High-quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils have a vibrational frequency that is healing in nature and can enhance the effects when used in a variety of ways.

Individual consultations are available. Please call the Gottlieb Center for Fitness for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Individualized Session

$25 per hour

Personal Energy/Exercise Instruction - Gail

In addition to these bio-energetic techniques (referred to as energy healing, qi gong healing, healing touch), personalized breath and movement exercise instruction is available to enable you to independently regenerate and maintain your energy balance. This works by using the breath in such a way as to spark and direct the underlying life force called qi (or chee) which lies latent within each of us.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong exercises can support physical self-healing, help resolve mental challenges and balance emotional stress.  When one independently develops their center of balance on all of these levels, they can function optimally.

These methods are also found to enhance any style of individual athletic training, group exercise, or business/education/sports performance because, among many other aspects, there is an emphasis on the body's tendons. When trained properly, the tendons can store great amounts of energy to be utilized in many different ways. Energy exercises complement your traditional exercise program synergistically for a complete, holistic exercise program. 

Appointment Availability and Rates

One Hour Session

  • $52 Member
  • $64 Non-member

Half-hour sessions are also available.

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6 – 9 pm

11 am – 2:45 pm


1 – 3 pm

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9 – 11:30 am

* Appointments also available upon request

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