Insurance Information FAQ

At Loyola, we think you should make informed choices about your health insurance plans and choosing your doctor. After all, your doctor is your strongest ally in the fight to stay healthy. You may not realize it, but your selection of a health plan impacts your ability to select a specific doctor. What's more, the new doctor you choose may or may not use the health-care services you've come to know and trust, like the many facilities and services in the Loyola University Health System.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the health insurance plan I am considering uses Loyola?

Talk to a representative of the health insurance plan. Ask if the plan contracts with Loyola University Medical Center. If your health insurance plan requires you to use a primary care physician, ask that physician if he or she will refer you to a Loyola-affiliated provider when necessary and appropriate. Loyola contracts with many providers.

Many hospitals are in the Chicago area. Why should I choose Loyola?

Loyola and our renownded physicians can meet your health-care needs from preventive care to hospitalization, rehabilitation and home care. And with numerous primary care locations throughout the western suburbs, there is a Loyola doctor conveniently located near where you live or work.

How do I find a Loyola doctor who is in my health plan?

Call us at (888) LUHS-888. We'll help you locate a physician who meets your health-care needs and participates in your insurance plan.

Isn't Loyola a health insurance plan?

No. But Loyola works closely with several health maintenance organizations as listed previously. Loyola contracts with many major health insurance plans, preferred provider organizations and point of service plans for their members' care. These are some of the many health plans that give you access to Loyola physicians and services.

Still have questions?

Call us at (888) LUHS-888. We'll put you in touch with the right people to answer your questions about health insurance, help you locate a physician and provide general information.