Member Referral Discount

Current members are able to reduce their monthly membership dues by referring a new member to Gottlieb Center for Fitness.

The $5 monthly reduction will go into effect after the New Member has completed the Initial Membership process (paperwork and payment) and the automatic debit plan and has been activated or made payment in full for 6 or 12 months.

The following rules apply:

  • At the time of membership activation, the current or new member must state the referral relationship.
  • The "New Member" can be a former member as long as they have been inactive for at least one year.
  • Maximum referrals allowed is five.
  • In the event the "New Member's" account becomes inactive (Special Hold, Medical Hold, Automatic Debit deactivation, Cancellation) the Referring Member's dues will increase $5 for each inactive referred member.
  • Temporary Members, SilverSneakers, Special Sponsor and Inspire Health Members are not eligible.