Performance Training for Athletes

Are you an athlete looking to...

  • Improve your speed, agility, or quickness
  • Prevent injuries and improve your flexibility
  • Increase your strength, power, or explosion
  • Learn effective mental or nutritional habits to improve performance

Performance Enhancement Training at Gottlieb is somewhat similar to Personal Training in that sessions can be performed either privately or in semi-private groups. It differs in that the main goal of our certified performance enhancement coaches is not necessarily to change the way you look, but rather to improve the way you perform. Our philosophy is to get to know each athlete, identify their goals, strengths, weaknesses, training background, and training availability and then establish an appropriate approach for that individual.

This specialized form of training has been at Gottlieb for over a decade and has resulted in hundreds of our athletes receiving unexpected roster spots, increased playing time, full college scholarships, and even multi-million dollar professional contracts.

For more information, please contact either one of our performance enhancement coaches listed below

  • Thurman Hendrix, M.A., C.S.C.S. — 630-363-6003